The Data Cap Problem

DataCapProblemSquareOver the past few years, several U.S. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have started imposing data caps on their residential customers. This means the amount of data that you can download is limited, and if you go over you can face heavy fines. I’ve had many people ask me why ISPs would impose data cap. I hope with this article I can help shed some light on the real reasons data caps are in place, and hopefully change how we approach them.

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Old School Runescape – Is It Worth It?


Runescape was the first online game I became an adamant player in. I started playing in early 2003 on what is now referred to as Runescape Classic. I played pretty heavily for those first few years and saw the introduction of Runescape 2 (now just Runescape). Everyone I knew my age had at least tried it and many were pretty addicted to the game by this point. I created a few clans and even rose to a moderator for a fairly large clan of +300 members near the end of my Runescape career.

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PwnPi: A Credit Card Sized Threat

The Raspberry Pi was originally created in 2006 to provide schools with a cheap and compact computing platform to spark programming interest in students. Although this was its main audience, its $35 cost and endless possibilities makes it very appealing to a wide range of people.

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On The Radio With Geek Solutions

Unbreak-IT was a guest Geek Solutions with Jordan and Dakota last night talking about What Internet Speed You Really Need. Check it out at Live365, and listen for a new episode every week, and get your technology news fix.

How to Sync Your Google Account With Windows 8 – Updated

Sync Google Apps With Windows 8Windows 8 is officially here, boasting a slew of new features and programs that allow Microsoft to finally be able to compete with with Android and iOS as a modern and effective OS in the tablet world, though it does come with a few drawbacks. For most of the Windows 8 features to work correctly, you need to create a Microsoft account and use that account to sign in. This allows you to sync your settings between computers, purchase things from the Microsoft store, keep track of achievements in Solitaire (very important), and link your online profiles in one spot. You do have the option to link your Gmail or Google Apps account on Microsoft’s online account management page, but it’s not ideal. All that this does is pull your contacts from your account and it adds them to the people app inside of Windows. Don’t worry, there is a better way.

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Humble Indie Bundle 6 Has Arrived

The team over at Humble Bundle has released the 6th installment of the Humble Indie Bundle. This bundle comes with 5 games not yet featured in any previous Humble Bundle, 6 if you pay above the average, that are available for DRM free download, or for activation on Steam. And if you’re a linux user, all of the games are available for activation/download on the Ubuntu Software Center. This is a rare opportunity where you can get some great video games for cheap, and feel good about it. Profits go either to the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, the EFF, or a tip for Humble at whatever percentage you prefer. So break out those credit card’s, and help some needy kids! (Plus, you know, the games are nice too). Information after the break.
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The Death of Consoles: Valve’s Entry into Hardware

Steam: The Next Generation

In the past few years, PC game sales have steadily increased while console game sales have been in a gradual descent.  The reason for this change in revenue can be attributed to several different sources. PC gamers have often, and perhaps obnoxiously, pointed out the superior processing power and graphical dominance of their choice. Consoles are merely trying to emulate and catch up with PCs, while they’re the ones that dictate the new standard of how gaming should evolve.  With a constant struggle to combat piracy, companies like Valve are in the forefront of a new world order of gaming with a much more refreshing approach than competitors.

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Google Wallet: A Breakdown

Google Wallet

Even though Google’s new Wallet service has been out for a year now, it hasn’t been quite usable until recently. When Google Wallet launched on September 19th last year, you had to choose between using a specific Citi Mastercard that you needed to apply for, using a prepaid card through Google, or you could use a store specific gift card to select locations. That all changed on August 1st, 2012 when Google Wallet expanded to include all major credit cards, letting you put the cards you actually use into the service. This, combined with a wider range of compatible NFC devices, has made Google Wallet a feasible alternative to using a physical card. But is it better?

My feelings on the pay with your phone concept were initially mixed. Being a techie, I’ll generally eat up any new piece of technology that is dangled in front of my face. But on the other hand, I’ve never seen using a credit card as inconvenient, although if you live in an infomercial, your credit cards probably shoot out of your wallet every time you try to pay for something. The only way to satisfy my curiosity and answer my questions was to try it for myself. I purchased my self Google’s new Galaxy Nexus, put in my credit card, and took Google Wallet for a test run.
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Google Maps 8-bit for NES

Google Maps 8-bit for NESGoogle has finally announced the long waited Google Maps 8-bit for NES! The cartridge has dial up capabilities, and all of the actual rendering is done by Google’s server in the cloud. This represents Google’s undying vision to bring their products to a even larger range of devices.

Or they might have started April fools a bit early. Currently, if you go to Google Maps, you can click the “Quest” option up in the corner, and see the world in all of its 8 bit glory. You can even find some bosses if you look hard enough. Be sure to check out the video after the break, its quite worth it.

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What Internet Speed Do You Really Need

You'll need at least Max Turbo

Whenever you shop around for internet access, you generally run across a plethora of different plans, speeds, bundles, boosters, and extra features. While this can be confusing, most companies explain what option you will need based on what you want to do. Unfortunately, they tend to lie. Lets take AT&T’s U-verse service for example. Currently, on the page showing the different speeds you can purchase, they have a handy chart explaining what speeds you need to purchase in order to utilize those nifty features of the internet you’ve read so much about.

See the related article, The Data Cap Problem, to learn more.

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