How to Sync Your Google Account With Windows 8 – Updated

Sync Google Apps With Windows 8Windows 8 is officially here, boasting a slew of new features and programs that allow Microsoft to finally be able to compete with with Android and iOS as a modern and effective OS in the tablet world, though it does come with a few drawbacks. For most of the Windows 8 features to work correctly, you need to create a Microsoft account and use that account to sign in. This allows you to sync your settings between computers, purchase things from the Microsoft store, keep track of achievements in Solitaire (very important), and link your online profiles in one spot. You do have the option to link your Gmail or Google Apps account on Microsoft’s online account management page, but it’s not ideal. All that this does is pull your contacts from your account and it adds them to the people app inside of Windows. Don’t worry, there is a better way.

Google + Exchange ActiveSync

Google has a not very well known feature called Google Sync, that uses EAS to synchronize your contacts, calendar, and mail with your favorite mobile device. Thankfully, we can also use this to sync your Gmail or Google Apps account with Windows 8.

  1. First open up Windows Mail by clicking on the mail tile in your start menu.
  2. Tap or move your mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, then select settings.
  3. Select Accounts then Add Accounts.
  4. Instead of selecting Gmail, you will want to select Outlook as the account type.
  5. Select Show More Details and enter these settings, replacing [email protected] with your Gmail login or your Google Apps login.

Windows 8 Google Sync Login

Congratulations! You have successfully synced your Google account with your Windows 8 machine. Now you can see and edit your calendar, sync your email and folders in the mail app, and see your contacts in the people app.

How to Sync Multiple Calendars

At the moment Google does not let you sync multiple Calendars with Windows 8. Here’s how to get around that.

  1. For this workaround, you will need to install Google Chrome, which can be downloaded here.
  2. Next, install User Agent Switcher from the Google Web Store here.Then click on the three bars in the right hand corner of Chrome, and click Settings.
  3. Go to Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings > JavaScript > and click Do not Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.
  4. Next, click the icon in the right corner that looks like a mask to open User-Agent Switcher, and select iPhone.
  5. Now go to and login.
  6. Click on WindowsMail Device.
  7. In the URL bar at the top change supportMultiCalendars=false to supportMultiCalendars=true and hit enter.
  8. Now you should be able to check the boxes for the calendars you would like to sync!
  9. Make sure to re-enable java-script and change your user agent back to Default.

Author: Alex McKenzie

Quick Reference: Google Sync Windows 8 Settings

Email address [email protected]
Server address
Username [email protected]
Password Your Google account password


  • nico

    Why not just add it as Google Account?

    • Alex McKenzie

      If you add your Google account it does not push your email to your computer, and your Google calendars do not sync as well. It’s also why many people use this method to sync their iPhones with Google as an exchange server instead of the Gmail option.

  • David Shumacher

    If you use two-step verification you need to generate an application specific password as Microsoft’s email app isn’t compatible with two-step yet.

    otherwise, thanks this helped me out a lot.